Gardening With Deer-Resistant Ornamental Grasses

As you drive around the Bulverde area it is not uncommon to see flocks of 10 or more deer in someone’s yard making a meal of the home owners lovely landscaping.

With drought conditions we experienced this year, the deer in the area took advantage of the beautiful landscaping of our yards.

To help control how much of our yard is eaten, we can take advantage of deer resistant plants as much as possible. Local landscaping company South Texas Growers recommends deer resistant ornamental grasses as a practical option.

“There are many magnificent grasses, especially native grasses, which can be utilized to compliment and add drama and depth to the garden that are drought-tolerant and can thrive in the south Texas environment.”

The suggest a few deer resistant grasses such as Purple Fountain Grass and Black Flowering Fountain Grass.

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